miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2016

The best Whitechapel call girl

The most amazing Whitechapel escort is called Carina and she is from Nyx Escorts. I first went out with this woman last week. I tried the services of different escort agencies from London during the last year, but nothing could compare to how well I was treated in the arms of Nyx Escorts. They are first and foremost the most professional and discreet escort agency I had ever work with. From the first moment I first got into contact with them to book a meeting with Carina I was met by a wonderful woman that was really helpful, polite and friendly over the phone. She wanted to know about what I needed so that she could personalise my experience according to my most exigent requirements. I really loved this, it was the first time an escort agency asked me something like that and I have to be honest with you, they really personalised my experience, they tailored Carina according to my needs and to my personality and they offered me something that I would never forget.

The dinner date that I had with this amazing Whitechapel escort was something out of this world. The
way she dressed was the definition of seductiveness. She knew exactly how to choose her clothes to compliment her amazing body and she knew how to act to make me feel cherished, comfortable and appreciated  in her presence. Carina was very fun and had a really bubbly personality, she was really awesome and cute and I felt really great with her. I loved the fact that she was highly skilled in the arts of conversation and she paid attention to every I was saying to her.

This amazing little woman from Nyx Escorts tailored her personality to mine and at some point I almost felt like I was speaking with one of my oldest friends not with a woman that knew me for two hours. Carina really knew what makes a man happy and what are my needs and desires, she managed to make all my dreams come true and to satisfy my mind with her attitude. I really enjoyed every moment spent in her company and I loved all the services that she offered afterwards when we went back to my place.

Nyx Escorts surprised me with their amazing services and from now on I will not settle for anything less than the perfection of their services. 

miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2016

A night with a Hoxton escort

I am a man that is always in search for new thrills, moments that give me a boost of adrenaline and that help me get away from the mundane and from the monotony of London life, something that gets my blood flowing and makes my heartbeat raise to levels like never before. I tried everything, from motorcycles to fast cars and extreme sports, but I felt like I needed something else again. I needed to satisfy this need of mine in the company of a woman that would be as exciting as going 100 miles per hour on a fast bike. 

So I decided I would look up the services of an escort agency that would be able to satisfy my every need of mine and that would treat me with professionalism and discretion. Thus I found out about the services that Nyx Escorts offers to its every customer. I read a lot of great reviews about them and a lot of great testimonials from men that indulged in the pleasures that  Nyx Escorts and their amazing Hoxton call girls offer. I called them and I told them that I wanted to spend a night with a girl that would do OWO, a level, 69, and that would know how to be the perfect submissive. They suggested I choose Carina, one of their most adventurous and open minded escorts that will know how to show me the time of my life with her amazing skills.

This made me very excited to meet Carina, I read about her and I knew that she was a very experimented woman from what her previous customers said, but nothing could really prepare me for what she had in store for me. This amazing little Hoxton escort was nothing less than the true definition of perfection and quality. She was very delicate and discreet and delightfully open minded. I loved the fact that she knew exactly what to do and when to do it so that I would always feel cherished and appreciated in her company. She was very adventurous, she loved to experiment new thrills with me and she was so dedicated to my pleasure and satisfaction that I felt that nothing could stop her from showing me the time of my life and making all my dreams and fantasies come true.

Indeed Nyx Escorts kept true to their words, they really offered me a personalised experience, they took into account my most exigent requirements and this little vixen of theirs, Carina gave me thrills that I had never known before.